May 29, 2019: Time 7:00PM. VARIANCE BOARD

Members Present: Nancy La Bombard, Chairperson, Pat Flath, Todd Hall, Judy Meagher

Members Absent:Jens Sorensen

The Variance Board of the Town of Santa Clara, County of Franklin, State of New York held a Public Hearing on Tuesday, August 6, 2019, at 7:00 PM at the Santa Clara Town Hall, Route 30, Saranac Inn, New York, to hear comments on the following application:

Application of Judith A. Cohen would require a variance from the Public road/right of way. The distance change requested would be from 5 0 feet to 35 feet for the construction of a garage. This variance would be on the applicant's property at 186 Fish Creek Park Rd.Lot #18, Saranac Lake, NY 12983, Town of Santa Clara, Franklin County, New York Tax Map 453.3-9-6.

The proposed variance is:

1. A variance from the Public road/right of way from 50 feet to 35 feet for the construction of a garage.


The Variance Committee Members having taken into consideration the benefit to the applicant, as weighed against the detriment to the health, safety and welfare of the neighborhood or community and having considered the five factors has decided to GRANT the variance. The decision does not preclude on our part any APA or other authoritative approval. It is the responsibility of the applicants or owners to contact other state, county and/or local agencies to secure any necessary permits.

Pam Martin

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