Meeting of the Santa Clara Planning Board held on Tuesday, September 03, 2019

PRESENT: Scottie Adams, John LaHart, Mike Ritchie, Beth Hall and Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), Ed Lagree. Guy Middleton, Upper Saranac Lake Manager was in the audience.

ABSENT: Bill Young

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM

The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the previous meeting which all received by email. Beth Hall move to approve the minutes. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor. The minutes from the planning Board meeting on 08-06-19 are approved

APPLICANT: William C. Bulmer

PARCEL ID: 453.1-9-4

LOCATION:: 183 Fish Creek Park Road

The applicant requests two variances. One from a body of water from 75 ft. to 52 ft., and a second variance from a side line set back from 25 ft. to 23.5 ft. The distance changes requested would be for the construction of a 12 x 16 ft. screened porch on the south side of an existing house. The front porch of the existing house is 40 ft. from the water and there is an 8x10 shed ~ 12 ft. from the sideline on the same side as the proposed porch. The applicant reports that he has received APA approval of his plans. It is stated that the new porch will not block anyone’s view or harm the environment

The request was discussed and it was agreed that since the proposed porch was actually further from the water than an existing porch and the sideline variance of 1.5 ft. was minimal, allowing the variance would not change the character of the neighborhood.

John LaHart moved that the Planning Board report to the Variance Board that they have no objection to granting the variance submitted by the William C. Bulmer. Beth Hall seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

Variance Application:

APPLICANT: Linda Hall and Richard Bachner

PARCEL ID: 443.1-2-10

LOCATION::116 KImpton Road

The applicant requests a variance from a Right of Way. The distance change requested would be from 20 ft. to 12 ft. for the construction of an unenclosed porch. The Right of Way is 12 ft. wide and serves as a driveway for 3 other properties. The applicant reports that the unenclosed porch is needed because of difficulty accessing the front door during winter due to snow loads and ice falling from the roof. Additionally, they state there will still be ample room for snow plowing and/or emergency vehicles.

Discussion of the variance followed. CEO reported that he had heard that the surrounding neighbors didn’t think a variance was necessary. The variance is substantial but the reason for building the porch is certainly valid and could be considered a safety issue. The right of way is a private driveway. If there is any objection to the construction, neighbors were notified and have an opportunity to state their opinion either in person of by mail. John LaHart moved the Planning Board report to the Variance Board that although they would not recommend the variance, they had no major objection to granting the variance. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

Other topics

A site plan review application was given to the CEO, but has nor been received by the other Board members. Although a ruling cannot be made with out a formal application, the matter will be discussed to determine any potential problems. The application is from The Point, a commercial resort located at the end of the Beaverwood Rd. The application is for a removable swimming dock, 224 sq. ft. extending 26 ft., 3” from the shoreline. An aerial view map is included which shows the other docks located on the Point property: 511 sq. ft., 280 sq. ft., and 342 sq. ft. pfor a total of 1133 sq. ft. The Franklin County Tax rolls show that this lot has 3460 ft. of waterfront and is located on 6.7 acres. The Point owns a total of 73.3 acres with 5556 ft. of waterfront. The Town of Santa Clara Land Use Classification is R-C-1.3

The Land Use Code does not directly address the issue of dockage for an R-C area. See Section 4.12 R-C districts, primary and secondary uses. p 19 in the 1-30-17 version of the Land Use Code. This is an issue, which has not been addressed since all former docks were pre-existing. It is an issue, which should be addressed since the imminent sale of Hickok’s Marina might bring up the same issues. There is also an issue on how much a commercial establishment may expand, since the Point as plans to build a new building and the marina will likely apply to expand. Another issue is how much of a property can be covered by buildings. Scottie will consult with the special council for land use matters on these issues.

There was a brief discussion on whether the short-term rental issue should be addressed in the future.

Scottie Adams reported that she has still not received the final update Land Use Code Map from Michael Martin. She will contact him yet again to try and get this project finished.

The Chair will prepare the minutes of the meeting for distribution to Board members before they are posted on the Town of Santa Clara Web site. The Variance Board will receive a copy of the Planning Board minutes.

John LaHart moved that the meeting be adjourned. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned 9:43 AM.


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