September 27, 2018

PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, John LaHart, Bill Young, Mike Ritchie, and Code Enforcement Officer, Ed LaGree.

ABSENT: Beth Hall

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 2:00 PM.

The main topic for the meeting was to review the revised site plan application received from William and Leslie Main.

Site Plan Application:

APPLICANT: William C. and Leslie W. Main
PARCEL ID: 473.-1-14
LOCATION: 469 Witchindin Road, Upper Saranac Lake

The applicant’s original request was to build a boathouse and replace the existing dock. The plans show a boathouse that is 30 ft. long but projects 33 ft. from the shoreline. The boathouse is 20 ft. wide for a total area of 600 sq. ft. The boathouse is one story, 15 ft. high. The dock runs along one side of the boathouse and is 8 ft. wide and 33 ft. long for a total area of 264 sq. ft. The combined area of the dock and the boathouse is reported to be 864 sq. ft.

Section 7.35 of the Town of Santa Clara Land Use Code specifies maximum limits of a length of 30 ft., maximum height of 15 ft., a boathouse of 625 sq. ft., a dock of 500 sq. ft. and a total for dock and boathouse of 875 sq. ft.

Because the boathouse and dock extended greater than 30 ft. from the mean high water mark the original application was denied.

The revised application shows that 3 ft. were eliminated from the dock and boathouse, so that they only extend 30 ft. from the shoreline at the point where the boathouse and dock are accessed.

John LaHart moved that the Planning Board APPROVE the revised site plan application. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. Voting was as follows:

John LaHart - approve
Bill Young - approve
Mike Ritchie - approve
Scottie Adams - approve

The revised site plan application is approved. The Main's will be notified so they can receive a building permit.

John LaHart moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned 2:12 PM.


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