November 08, 2017

Board Members: Scottie Adams, Mike Ritchie, John LaHart, Bill Young and Beth Hall Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Lagree.

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 7:00 PM.

This meeting was scheduled to address 3 issues:

(1) Meeting with Michael Martin to review his progress on the revamping of the TSC Land Use Classification Map and consider discrepancies between the land use map and the Franklin County Tax Map. Michael Martin was unable to attend the meeting

(2) Boat Lift installation from George A Donaldson& Sons, Inc.

(3) Subdivision Application from Daniel Miller

Michael Martin was unable to attend the meeting and has promised to send the plot and printouts showing the integration of the parcel map and current zoning layers. Pdf files of the "problem" areas should be emailed to all Planning Board members in the near future.

Site Plan Review Application:

APPLICANT: George A Donaldson& Sons, Inc.

PARCEL ID: 463.-2-1

LOCATION: Donaldson's Campground, Fish Creek Bay, Upper Saranac Lake

This applicant seeks to install a wheeled Hewitt Boat Lift with Canopy at 358 Donaldson's Camp Road. The application includes drawings showing the location of the proposed lift, a schematic, to scale, of the lift, a picture of the final installed project and the deed to the property. The applicant was present to answer any questions about the application. The lift is 17 ft. 2 in. wide x 22 ft. long and is reported to be 361.66 sq. ft. Town of Santa Clara Land Use Code Section 7.35 specifies "No dock, wharf or pier shall extend away from land more than 30 feet from the mean high water mark closest to such dock, wharf or pier. Total surface area of any dock, wharf or pier shall not exceed 500 sq. ft. ". The Town of Santa Clara Land Use designation for this property is Outdoor Recreational (GR). The primary use is Outdoor Recreational, which would include boating.

The proposed lift meets Town of Santa Clara Land Use code specifications. After discussion, John LaHart moved that the application be approved. The motion was seconded by Mike Ritchie. There was no further discussion. Voting was as listed below;

John LaHart - Yes
Beth Hall - Yes
Mike Ritchie - Yes
Scottie Adams - Yes

Bill Young - Recused from voting

APPLICANT: Daniel P. Miller for Margaret O. Miller

PARCEL ID: 431.04-4-3

LOCATION: Golf Course Estates, lots #3,4,5,6, Golf Course Lane

The Daniel P. Miller is applying on behalf of his mother Margaret O. Miller and seeks to create 2 - 3.76 acres lots from a plot of land which was originally 4 lots within the Golf Course Estates owned by Charles Vosburgh. The lots have since been combined to form 1 tax parcel of 7.55 acres. The land has been surveyed by Geomatics Land Surveying and the wetlands have been mapped by the APA. There is an existing small seasonal camp on Lot #3. The survey map submitted shows the surrounding lots, the existing roadway, the previously existing lots 3-6, the structure on Lot 3, the wetlands and the proposed new lots with the setbacks indicated. A deed for the 4 original lots is included and a letter from Robert P. Lewis of the APA confirming that the original Vosburgh Golf Course Estates were sub-divided pre APA.

The parcel is designated R-1 -3.2 on the Town of Santa Clara Land Use map. (further research revealed that the property is probably designated R-1-1.3, but without the new map, it is difficult to determine.)

After discussion, Bill Young made a motion that the Planning Board approve the subdivision. Beth Hall seconded the motion. Members, Hall, Ritchie Young and Adams voted in favor.

Bill Young - Yes
Beth Hall - Yes
Mike Ritchie - Yes
Scottie Adams - Yes

John LaHart - Recused from voting to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest due to his friendship with the Miller family.

Other Business:

There is a question concerning the APA approval of the Kraft subdivision. Kraft applied for a subdivision. The application was denied because the parcel is zoned R-1-8.5 and the total parcel was 14.2 acres. The APA requested the Town Planning Board Chair fill in a Local Government form for Project/Variance Application. The form was submitted on 7/17/17 clearly stating that the subdivision was denied and a variance request was needed to pursue the subdivision. A notice was received from the APA stating that the APA had approved the subdivision. It is our understanding that the more restrictive designation takes precedence. The CEO has asked our counsel, Mike Hill, to investigate this matter. The point is somewhat moot because the property has been reported to have been sold as one piece with no subdivision of the property. However, the principle of whether the town of Santa Clara ruling supersedes the APA ruling needs to be clarified.

The next meeting will be scheduled after materials are received from Michael Martin

Scottie will provide Planning Board minutes to the Planning Board members by email for approval before submitting to the Town Clerk for posting on the Town of Santa Clara web site. She will compose letters to the applicants notifying them of the approval of their applications and In the case of the Miller application, define the next steps in the subdivision process.

Beth Hall moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned at 7:20 PM.


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