Meeting of the Santa Clara Planning Board held on May 07, 2020
Meeting held via Zoom. Instructions on how to join the meeting published in Legal notices in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on April 29, 2020 and posted on town of Santa Clara Bulletin Board.

PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, John LaHart, Bill Young, Mike Ritchie, and Beth Hall. Also Upper Saranac Lake Manager, Guy Middleton.

ABSENT: Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Lagree.

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 10:00 AM.

The primary item on the agenda was a review of the Maikowski application

The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the previous meeting which all received by email. Bill Young moved to approve the minutes. John LaHart seconded the motion. All were in favor. The minutes from the Planning Board meeting on 04-21-20 are approved.

Site Plan Review Application:
APPLICANT: Stephen Maikowski
PARCEL ID: 474.-1-12.100
LOCATION: 723 Bartlett Carry Road, USL

This application was also discussed at the 2/11/20 meeting and rejected because more information was needed to make an accurate assessment of whether the application complied with the Land Use Code. The application was further reviewed at the 4/21/20 meeting after receiving the requested information. The application was approved with the stipulation that the 120.5 sq. ft. deck be removed to comply with the total square footage requirement for boathouse and dock/decks.

The applicant suggested another option to meet the Land Use Code restrictions of Section 7. To paraphrase" The deck you are asking me to remove is especially helpful to guests and visitors with mobility problems that cannot make it all the way down across the uneven sloped property to the main dock area, but who still want to spend time overlooking the water or enjoying the sunset.  The 56 sq. ft. dock can easily be removed from the waterfront. I would then also take approximately 10 square feet off the side of the dock/platform, rather than removing it altogether. By doing so, I would then be under the 111 sq. footage allowance."

Bill Young moved that the application be approved with the stipulation that the second dock (12.8 ft. x 4.4 ft. =56.3 sq. ft., 23 ft. from the sideline) be removed and the 12.3 ft. x 9.8 ft. (120.5 sq. ft.) deck on the water's edge be reduced by 10 sq. ft. so that the total square footage requirement for boathouse and dock/decks is met. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor. The chair will notify the applicant of the Board's decision.

Short Term Rentals (STRs)

Discussion centered on how to proceed with this project for enacting amendments to the Land Use Code concerning short-term rentals. It was decided that before further steps are taken, approval for the project should be obtained for the Town Board. In order to present the scope of the project to the Town Board some financial figures are needed. Lake Placid is using a company called Host Compliance to assist in their short-term rental regulations. This company offers assistance in every aspect of the process and free estimates of their various services. Beth Hall volunteered to contact the company and obtain financial information that could be presented to the Town Board to determine if they want to proceed with this project. In the mean time, Scottie will prepare a first draft of a letter to the Town Board.


Bill Young moved that the meeting be adjourned. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion. Meeting was adjourned 10:45 AM


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