May 31, 2018

PRESENT: Scottie Adams, Beth Hall, John LaHart, Bill Young and Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Lagree.

ABSENT: Mike Ritchie

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 6:00 PM.

The main purpose of the meeting is to review and finalize the revisions to the Land Use Code which the Planning Board will first submit to the special counsel for land use matters or his input before sending to the Town Board for a public hearing and their approval.

Beth Hall made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. John LaHart seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed

Land Use Code Revisions

The first topic was regarding front yard setbacks for R-1-3.2 and R-C-1-3.2. This topic was initially discussed at the 06-06-17 meeting. The Board members agreed that changing the front yard setbacks for R-1-3.2 and R-C-3.2 from 75 ft. to 50 ft. to correspond to R-1-1.3 and R-C-1.3 front yard setbacks should be one of the proposed amendments to the current Land Use Code. A 50 ft. setback for would be more practical, resulting in fewer variance requests and delays in construction to homeowners.

The code enforcement officer brought up the fact that although Land Use Code Section 5.10 GENERAL LOT REGULATIONS specifies that the maximum building height is 30 ft., nowhere in the Land Use Code does it specify where the building height is measured from. Previous rulings from earlier years stated, "Building height should be no more than 30 ft. above grade at the highest point along the foundation". It was decided that the best way to correct this issue would be to add this information to the definition section under building height. This definition will be added to the list of items to be sent to the special counsel for land use matters.

The next two issues concern waterfront construction. "Decks" have been built along the waterfront which do not conform to the land use /code restrictions for docks. The basic premise behind restricting dock and boathouse size is to preserve as much natural waterfront as possible. Under current code these decks are not restricted because they are not docks in the traditional currently defined sense, that is they are not being used for mooring of boats or other watercraft, for storing, loading or unloading. One way to remedy this issue would be to amend the definition of a dock: Dock - ANY horizontal platform-type structure (including but not limited to a wharf, pier or similar structure), fixed or floating and/or removable, ON THE SHORELINE, the principal, BUT NOT EXCLUSIVE, use of which is the mooring of boats or other watercraft, for storing, loading or unloading.

In keeping with preservation of the shoreline, the size of boathouse and dock in relationship to waterfront could be improved. The consensus was that the current code was adequate and no change needs to be made.

The current code Section 7.35 Boathouses, Wharf, Dock or Pier only specifies "wharf, dock, pier along the shoreline" being restricted by 15% of the length of the shoreline. The basic premise behind restricting dock and boathouse size is to preserve as much natural waterfront as possible. Therefore, it seems that the boathouse should be included in any width considerations. It was decided that "OR BOATHOUSE" should be added in the 3 instances in which wharf, dock, pier are specified in to Section 7.35 A.

The next topic was the recommendation that the property commonly referred to as Hickok’s Marina (453.3-1-1.300), which is currently zoned residential (R-1-1.3), be changed to RC-1.3. The Marina has been a site of commercial operations since the 1920’s. Since it has been a commercial use for so long and the lots surrounding it are all designate R-C-1.3, then this property should also be designated R-C-1.3 to allow the continued operation of a valuable service to the community and to be compatible with the surrounding properties. Changing the land use classification of a property on the Land Use code Map is covered in Section 3.2 of the Land Use code.

Section 3.40 ADIRONDACK PARK LAND USE AND DEVELOPMENT PLAN MAP was discussed next. This section says "Any change of the boundaries within the Town of a land use area due to an amendment of the Official Adirondack Park Land Use and Development Plan Map pursuant to Subdivision 2 of Section 805 of the Adirondack Park Agency Act shall take effect for the purposes of this code concurrently with that amendment without further action by the Town of Santa Clara and the Town of Santa Clara Land Use Map shall be changed in accordance with that amendment. This would seem to imply that the APA could change the Towns land use designations, which would be untenable. The code enforcement officer will bring this to the attention of the special counsel for land use matters to see what he might have to say about this issue and whether that sentence can be removed from the Town Land Use code.

Land Use Map Adjustments

Almost all the adjustments have been made to the Land Use Map. The only remaining issue is whether the size of the R-C areas within the boundaries of a property are represented accurately. Scottie will ask Michael Martin to estimate the size of the RC areas at the Trading Post and the golf course based on Section 3.32 of the Land Use Code. Once that information is available, the Planning Board can obtain some realistic measurements using a measuring wheel. Final adjustments to the map can be made after this data is acquired. Scottie will also ask Michael Martin whether he can obtain a list of APA classifications of land parcels within the Town of Santa Clara so it can be determined if there have been any changes from the published map.

Next Meeting:

Scottie will revise the changes to the Land Use Code and Map discussed at this meeting for final Planning Board approval, before sending to the Town Special Counsel for Land Use Matters. The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Thursday June 21, 11 AM. Beth Hall moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor. Meeting was adjourned 6:40 PM.


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