May 16, 2017

PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, Mike Ritchie, Beth Hall, John LaHart, Bill Young and Code Enforcement Officer, Ed LaGree.

This meeting was called to review and rule on a Site Plan Review Application indicated below:

APPLICANT: Richard Kraft

PARCEL ID: 473.-1-20-200

LOCATION: 3874 State Route 30, Upper Saranac Lake

The meeting was called to order at 2 PM on May 16, 2017.

The applicant seeks to divide a 14.2 acre property approximately in half, creating 2 lots around 7 acres each. The chair distributed (1) an enlargement of the Town of Santa Clara (TSC) Land Use map showing the area in which the property to be subdivided is located, (2) a map of the Adirondack Park Agency (APA) TSC Land Use, (3) an enlargement of the APA map showing the area under consideration, (4) a definition of APA land use categories demonstrating how APA categories translate to TSC categories and (5) a map of the area from the Franklin County Tax Rolls web site, to verify property location. The property to be subdivided is located in an area designated by the TSC as R-1-8.5 that specifies that the minimum lot size is 8.5 Acres. The APA map designates this property as Rural Use, which specifies a minimum lot size of 8.5 acres.

The proposed subdivision would create 2 non-conforming lots and therefore is not permissible according to the TSC Land Use Plan (See Section IV). Because this subdivision would also be non-conforming according to APA Land, it was agreed that the applicant requires a ruling from the APA. John LaHart moved and Mike Ritchie seconded a motion to deny the application. All board members were in favor. The application is denied. Scottie Adams will send an official letter of denial to Richard Kraft that will include possible courses of action, depending on APA action. If the APA were to allow the subdivision, then it would be possible for Mr. Kraft to apply for a variance in the Town of Santa Clara.

Scottie will provide Planning Board minutes to the Planning Board members by email for final approval before submitting to the Town Clerk for posting on the Town of Santa Clara web site.

Other business: Scottie reported that she will attend the Black River Watershed Conference in Old Forge, NY on June 14, 2017, specifically to hear a presentation by the Town of Webb officials on their Dye Testing and Water Quality program.

Some minor changes to the Land Use Code might need to be addressed. Board members will review the code and come to the next meeting prepared to discuss these issues. The next meeting will be June 6, 2017 at 11 AM in the TSC town Hall meeting room.

Meeting was adjourned at 2:21 PM.


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