Meeting of the Santa Clara Planning Board held on June 28, 2021

MEMBERS PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, Mike Ritchie, Bill Young, John LaHart and Acting CEO, Todd David

ABSENT: Beth Hall (medical leave)

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 9:03 AM.

The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the previous meeting which all received by email. John LaHart moved to approve the minutes. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All members were in favor.

The minutes from the Planning Board meeting on 06-07-2021 are approved.

Site Plan Review Revised Application:
APPLICANT: Lorin and Janet Sodell
PARCEL ID: 453.8-8-6
LOCATION: 197 Fish Creek Park

This site plan review application is to build an outdoor picnic shelter on the owner's property at 197 Fish Creek Park. The application is complete containing the application form, an explanatory letter, a copy of the deed, a check for the fee and detailed drawings of the site location, the proposed structure and other structures on the lot.

Bill Young moved to approve the application. All members were in favor. Motion to approve the application was passed.

The chair will notify the applicants of the approval of their application.

Site Plan Review Revised Application:
APPLICANT: Michael and Maria Gsell/Jeff Beamish
PARCEL ID: 474.-1-8
LOCATION: 733 Bartlett Carry Road, Upper Saranac Lake

This is a revised application for a dock with a sundeck on top, which is considered a boathouse since it creates an enclosed slip where a boat may be kept. The "boathouse" is shown as 27 ft. 6 in. x 12 ft. 8 ". The "boathouse" square footage is stated as 528 sq. ft. which is under the 625 sq. ft maximum square footage allowed in the Town of Santa Clara Land Use Code Section 7.35.The dock space includes a walkway along each side of the "boathouse" and a walkway that is 5 ft x 3 ft. The total dockage is 338 sq. ft. which is under maximum square footage allowed. The combined "boathouse" and dock width along the shoreline is 24 ft. which is less than the 15% maximum permissible. The total square footage of the docks and boat house is 866 sq. ft. which is under maximum square footage allowed. The structure extends away from land 31 ft. 1" ft. from the mean high-water mark because of the DEC "guidelines" that a boathouse/dock be situated 3-5 ft. from the shoreline.

John LaHart moved to approve the application. The motion was seconded by Mike Ritchie. All members present voted in favor of the motion. The application is approved.

The chair will notify the applicants of the approval of their application.

Marina Regulations

The Planning Board has received from the Town Board, the new proposed marina regulations and special use permit regulations developed by the Special Committee working with the Chazen Corporation for their input. The special use permit (SUP)and marina regulations were gone through, item by item, by the Planning Board members, keeping in mind that the regulations are designed to apply to all marinas, present and future. The only substantial suggestion to the SUP was that the "Preapplication conference" section should be labeled "Preapplication conference" and should specify "The applicant must also schedule a preapplication conference and site visit with the Planning Board..." The Planning Board members felt that this addition was necessary to allow facilitate communication between applicants and the Planning Board. There were a few other items that could be expressed more clearly or are awaiting specification when the SUP is inserted into the Land Use Code. Likewise, the marina proposed regulations were gone through. Under general standards section referring to marina operating hours, Board members felt that the word "fuel" should be eliminated to allow use of Donaldson's Campsites fuel pump at any hour, which can be very convenient under various circumstances. There were 3 instances of "instructions' to the Planning Board which don't need to be part of the Land Use Code. Several instances of Zoning Officer should be replaced by Code Enforcement Officer. Under Commercial docks and Wharfs. The proposed marina regulations say the Dock/Wharf plan should designate locations and length of proposed and existing docks as well as for other docks within 500 ft. of the property boundaries. The Planning Board feels that locations and dimensions of proposed and existing docks would be more useful. The width and square footage of the docks is just as important as the length. The Board also felt that estimates of the location and dimensions for other docks within 500 ft. of the property boundaries would be adequate for the planning Board to assess the situations.


The chair reported that she had sent the STR documents to the Town clerk to distribute to the Town Board members. They should have received the proposed regulations, the Good Neighbor Pamphlet, the registration forms, a sample website for registration and the proposal from Host Compliance. John LaHart reported that he queried the Town Board members about the STR issue, but they needed more time to study the documents. The chair reported that she had attended a webinar course on STRs sponsored by the NYS Tug Hill Commission. Most of the information was slanted towards large cities and/or attorneys, but one point was raised which has been discussed by the Planning Board - why limit regulation to only short-term rentals, why not all rentals? The chair will modify the STR proposal to include all rentals and report back to the Planning Board. Chair Scottie Adams will provide the Town Clerk with a copy of these meeting minutes from 06-28-2021 for posting in the Town website

Next Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled 9 AM for July 7, 2021.

Mike Ritchie moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion. Meeting was adjourned 10:15 AM.


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