February 7, 2019

PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, John LaHart, Bill Young, Mike Ritchie and Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Lagree. Also present were Domanique Deragon, site plan review applicant, and Upper Saranac Lake Manager, Guy Middleton.

ABSENT: Beth Hall.

The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 11:00 AM.

Items on the agenda for the meeting were a further review of a previous Site Plan Review Application and a final review of the proposed Land Use Code amendments and Map updates

Site Plan Application:

APPLICANT: Domanique Deragon
PARCEL ID: 240.4-1-1
LOCATION: 2911 State Route 458, St. Regis Falls

At the first Site Plan Application Review on January 2, 2019 there was insufficient information to approve the application.

Correspondence with Mr. Deragon provided a copy of the deed, the parcel tax ID number, and a detailed hand drawn site plan. A drilled well from the 1990's exists and there is a 1000 gallon septic tank with leach field, also done in the 1990's. Mr. Deragon stated the Dept. of Heath (DOH) had no jurisdiction if keeping the occupancy to 10 or less. The site plan showed 6 bedrooms, 4 capable of double occupancy and 2 singles.

Chair, Scottie Adams notified Mr. Deragon of the Planning Board meeting on today's date and invited him to come and discuss his project with the Board to clarify issues. She also provided him with DOH Table 3 of Appendix 75 A6 showing that a 1000 gal septic tank is only suitable for 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms.

Mr. Deragon spoke to the Board about his intentions to rent a few rooms as a start to recoup expenses. He plans to upgrade the septic system in May when the weather allows outdoor construction. He has applied for a jurisdictional ruling from the APA, but it usually takes about 6 weeks to get a ruling. He has spoken to the DOH about requirements for expanding in the future.

After discussion, about timetables and signage and a reminder that all septic systems be engineered, Bill Young moved that the site plan application be provisionally approved pending a signed letter from Mr. Deragon stating his intention to upgrade the septic system with a timetable included. The letter should also state his intention to only rent an appropriate number of rooms until the septic subsystem has been upgraded and information that he has applied for a jurisdictional ruling from the APA. John LaHart seconded the motion. All were in favor. The chair will provide the applicant with a copy of the Planning Board meeting minutes. After receiving the designated document, the site plan application will be approved and building permit issued.

Proposed Land Use Code amendments

The final version of the proposed amendments, sent on 01-04-19, have been approved by the Special Counsel for a Land Use matters, Mike Hill. The amendments concerning shorefront issues were reviewed for the benefit of the Lake Manager, since he was the one who brought at least one of the items to the attention of the Planning Board.

Land Use Map Update

Final adjustments to the Land Use Map were discussed. There are 2 lots that are split between 2 Land Use categories by both the Town and the APA. It was decided not to adjust the land use designation for either of these lots since it might have implications if subdivision was ever considered. "Church Pond Rd." needs to be changed to "Golf Course Lane". The small island/bog near Frog Lane should be designated state land.

John LaHart moved to accept the discussed updates and send the finalized map to the Town board for approval. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor.

Mike Ritchie moved that the meeting be adjourned. Bill Young seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion. Meeting was adjourned 11:30 AM.


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