Meeting of the Santa Clara Planning Board held on February 11, 2020

PRESENT: Board Members: Scottie Adams, John LaHart, Bill Young, Mike Ritchie, Beth Hall and Code Enforcement Officer, Ed Lagree. Also present was Upper Saranac Lake Manager, Guy Middleton.


The meeting was called to order by Chair, Scottie Adams at 10:00 AM.

Items on the agenda for the meeting were two Site Plan Review Applications and an incomplete variance application.

The first order of business was to approve the minutes of the previous meeting which all received by email. Mike Ritchie move to approve the minutes. John LaHart seconded the motion. All were in favor. The minutes from the Planning Board meeting on 12-30-19 are approved.

Site Plan Review Application:
APPLICANT: Stephen Maikowski
PARCEL ID: 474.-1-12.100
LOCATION: 723 Bartlett Carry Road, USL

The Site Plan Review Application is to build a sundeck on top of an existing dock. Applicant has submitted (1) a new 11"x17" survey of the property prepared by Geomatics, Saranac Lake in the Fall 2019. A 3'x5' map as been submitted to the CEO. (2) Construction drawings of the new proposed sun deck prepared by Dock Doctors, Ferrisburgh, VT. (3) Deed to the property at 723 Bartlett Carry, Tupper Lake, NY. (4) Copy of the application. The fee has been submitted.

The survey map of the property shows a waterfront of 198.12 ft., but does not show where the 75 ft. line from the water's edge is, so it is not apparent what other structures are within the 75 ft. There is a second dock shown, but no dimensions for it. There is also a deck shown located on the water's edge, but no dimensions. The existing dock was stated in the application as being 28 ft. x 29 ft. or a total square footage of 812 sq. ft. (non conforming, > 500 sq. ft.) but if the individual pieces of the dock are used for the measurement, then the current dock has a total square footage of 404 sq. ft. which includes the access ramp to the dock (conforming). The plans for the sundeck to be built show a structure 28 ft. by 15 ft., creating a covered slip or "boathouse" with a square footage of 420 sq. ft. The height of the sundeck with railing is shown as 13.4 ft. The remaining dock, access to the dock and the stairs to the sun deck are 344 sq. ft. The plans for the current boathouse/sundeck conform to Town of Santa Clara Land Use plan, section 7.35. However, it is not possible to approve the site plan application without knowing the size of the other dock and the deck located and any other structures located within 75 ft. of the waterfront.

John LaHart moved that the application be rejected until further data is obtained showing where the 75 ft. setback line is, what structures are within the 75 ft. setback and the dimensions of those structures. Bill Young seconded the motion.

All were in favor. The chair will contact the applicant and provide the applicant with a copy of the Planning Board meeting minutes at which the application was discussed.

Site Plan Review Application:
APPLICANT: Gregory Bebernitz
PARCEL ID: 463.-3-47
LOCATION: 799 Bartlett Carry Road, USL

The applicant has submitted the incorrect application form but since most of the pertinent data is included, the application will be discussed and a preliminary ruling issued. The application contains a survey map showing a .95 acre lot with ~ 100 ft. of waterfront. The 75 ft. line from the waterfront is delineated. There are no structures shown within 75 ft. of the waterfront. The applicant proposes to build a single slip boathouse with no dock, but with a sundeck on top. The boathouse is shown as 30 ft. x 15 ft. for a total square footage of 450 sq. ft. Maximum boat house size allowed is 625 sq. ft. The boathouse is located in the center of the lot with 42 ft. of shoreline on either side of the boathouse. Sideline setbacks are 25 ft.

Section 7.35A of the Land Use Code specifies that a structure shall not exceed 15% of the width of the shoreline of the lot. The proposed boathouse is compliant with the Land Use Code Section 7.35.

After discussion, John LaHart moved that the application be provisionally approved pending submission of the proper form and fee. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion. The CEO will notify the applicant of the provisional acceptance and the requirement for submission of the proper from and fee.

Variance Review Application:
APPLICANT: Jeff Beamish for David and Tracey Finn
PARCEL ID: 463.-3-72
LOCATION: 785 Bartlett Carry Road, USL

This application for a variance is incomplete and should be resubmitted to the Variance Board with the proper documentation. However since the Planning Board only offers their opinion on the application, there is enough information to discuss the application. The applicants desire to build a 16.5 ft. long x 15 ft. wide x 16 ft. high screened in porch on the side of the existing camp, which is located 60 ft. from the waterfront. The property is 4.5 acres and has 480 ft. of waterfront. The existing camp is reported on the Franklin County to have been built in 1953. The request for a variance is from 75 ft. from the waterfront to 60 ft. The applicant (builder) states that the screened porch will not be visible from the water or by the neighbors.

Several Board members and the CEO confirmed the lack of visibility. After discussion, Beth Hall moved that the Planning Board recommend to the Variance Board that this variance application be approved. Mike Ritchie seconded the motion. All were in favor. The chair will provide the Variance Board Chair and Secretary with a copy of the minutes of this meeting.

Land Use Code Map

Chair, Scottie Adams reported that the new 84"x34" wall map is done and on the wall outside the CEO's office. A small pdf file that can be enlarged to view details has been uploaded to the TSC web site, located under Permits and Forms. Short Term Rentals (STRs) STRs are a hot topic for local governments these days. It was felt that the TSC Planning Board should consider amendments to the Land Use Code to regulate STRs before they get to be a large problem. Upper Saranac Lake Manager, Guy Middleton supported this concept. Some issues that have been suggested by the village of Lake Placid were briefly discussed. John LaHart and Beth Hall will provide some starting materials for consideration at our next meeting.

Next meeting will be Tuesday, April 21st at 10 AM.


Beth Hall moved that the meeting be adjourned. John LaHart seconded the motion. All were in favor of the motion. Meeting was adjourned 10:50


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